Tutoring for Students in Grades K-8

Tutoring for Students in Grades K-8

About Our Tutoring Service


Not able to work or without income due to COVID-19? No problem! We want to be there for families in need, and we’ll find a way to work with your child.

Donation Based

Caledonia Christian School wants to be there for your child during this time of crisis. Our certified teachers are offering donation based tutoring for students in grades K-8.

One-On-One...Just For Your Child.

Our school provides one-on-one tutoring for your child with an experienced teacher using either Zoom or FaceTime in the following subjects: 

● Math 

● Grammar 

● Writing 

● Reading

● Science 

● Social Studies

Let CCS help with homework assignments while you juggle working from home, keeping a busy household together, and parenting.

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Caledonia Christian School

CCS is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian School whos mission it is to teach students to flourish in this life by learning about God who created all things. We enthusiastically invite students from all faiths and walks of life to participate in our program

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We Need Your Help! Please take a moment to click the Donate link below. ANY AMOUNT will help us in providing these valuable educational services to your children. 

Please use the "Church School" box on the donation page to provide us with your gift. Recurring donations are extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.